At the Black Business Council (BBC), we firmly believe that Black businesses are vital to the growth and prosperity of our communities. Since our establishment in 2003, we have been devoted to advancing the interests of Black-owned businesses in Africa.

The Black Business Council is the over-arching confederation that represents black professionals, business associations and chambers.

The primary purpose of the BBC is to lobby the government on policy-related matters and to play an advocacy role where policies are in place in order to accelerate the participation of black business in the mainstream economy.

We recognise that black businesses' long-term growth and success are closely intertwined with creating employment opportunities, poverty alleviation, and improving living conditions and standards for all South Africans. As a result, the BBC is committed to being a key player in the business community in South Africa. Our expansionary and visionary approach aims to embrace all elements of the business community, no matter how small or diverse their interests may be.

To achieve our goals, collective action is crucial. Therefore, our membership-based model aggregates the opinions and perspectives of our members to amplify our collective voice and influence. Through advocacy, thought leadership, and collaboration with key stakeholders in the public and private sectors, we drive positive change.

What we are doing?

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