The Black Business Council leadership comprises of a President, two Vice Presidents (Professionals and Organised Business), Secretariat-General, Treasurer General and a Head of Policy. This is a team of competent and experienced business people and professionals that have expertise in different sectors of the economy


  • Full Name: ELIAS MONAGE


Monage is a celebrated and seasoned corporate executive, serial entrepreneur and avid problem solver, with an insatiable curiosity and an eye for new business opportunities. With more than 30 years of experience in the metals and engineering industry, human capital and industrial relations and executive coaching disciplines, Monage has a successful track record in new venture creation, turnaround of ailing corporations and is considered an expert negotiator and lobbyist.

He is a recognised leader in the private and public sectors, where his skills in leadership, negotiations, policy design, strategy-formulation, labour relations, stakeholder management and communications remain appreciated by crucial role players, nationally and internationally.

Monage’s visionary & strategic thought leadership is entrenched into his professional life, and continues to be seen in his entrepreneurial excellence in creating new ventures and securing various deals. His refined ideas, critical thinking and focus continue to be celebrated and harnessed by many upcoming business people and well-established corporates.

The Black Business Council (“BBC”) and its membership stands to benefit from his humbleness, diligence, maturity and experience, and his network of stakeholders – especially so in ensuring that the BBC’s position as an apex business organisation is sustained and strengthened. During his tenure as the BBC President, his expert lobbying and advocacy skills and the wealth of knowledge and experience in stakeholder engagement and negotiation, will sharpen and contribute greatly to engagement and collaboration with government, business and other stakeholders

Over the course of his professional career, Monage has served in numerous strategic public and private bodies, boards and committees that define the transformational imperative of the developing democratic South African society. His opinion and assistance is often sought by a variety of stakeholders across government and the business community of SA, and he continues to offer his guidance in the pursuance of a sustainable and prosperous South Africa.