About Us

The Black Business Council (BBC) is an independent membership-based organisation representing professional, business associations and chambers with the purpose to advocate for transformation of the South African economy through aggregation and amplifying of member opinion, thought- leadership and policy change to achieve meaningful inclusive economic growth.

The long-term growth and success of black business is inextricably intertwined with the creation of jobs for the people of South Africa; the alleviation of poverty and the improvement in the living conditions and standards of all South Africans.

BBC is thus a key player in the dynamics of the business community in South Africa and has set itself an expansionary path that is aimed at embracing all elements of the business community no matter how small or diverse the interests of the broader South Africa community are.

Vision and Mission

An inclusive and expanding economy that generates wealth for most of its citizens.

Our Ethos

To represent the interests of black business in the mainstream economy through the following:

  • Uniting all affiliates behind a common vision and purpose
  • To create and drive programs of action that position black business at the centre of economic growth and participation


  • Integrity
  • Principle driven
  • Democratic and Inclusive
  • Ethical
  • Analytical

BBC assists corporates and state-owned enterprises in achieving the developmental funding roles by constructively serving as a conduit to small business enterprise development in our economy.

Objectives of the BBC

  • Grow Membership Revenue
  • Increase Project Revenue
  • Attract Investment Funding
  • Improve Communication to media, stakeholders and staff
  • Strengthen Collaboration with media and stakeholders
  • To work with government and other partners to advance black people in South Africa.
  • Increase scope and value of Government partnerships, Corporate partnerships and International partnerships
  • To leverage on the skills and resources at our disposal in order to build advocacy capability
  • Grow Skills and Competencies
  • Enhance Policy Debate
  • Build Capacity and Capability
  • Enhance internal Processes and Systems
  • Strengthen Governance within the organisation